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AMI Fixed Network Transceiver and Repeater






AMRSS software compatible with all Windows operating systems , excluding Windows 8.

AMRSS’s mobile client software is the software used to read the meters and retrieve data logging data

  •  ​     Retrieves the route from the server software over a wireless or wired network or via the InternetMapping Software
  • ​​      Manages the incoming meter reads and applies them to the correct accounts
  •       Displays route in either a list or GPS map mode
  •       Retrieves and archives data logging reports and data​
  •       Sends the route with meter reading data back to the server software


The AMRSS data collection PC is a compact laptop computer with easy to use route software. 

  • ​​   No permanent receiver to mount in vehicle
  •    Full route mapping capability
  • ​   Easy to use for spot readings or reading the entire metering system
  • ​   Software fully integrates into your billing system for fast accurate transfer of meter readings
  • ​   Retrieves data logging information on demand without needing access to the meter


AMRSS Route Software is an easy to use software package that facilitates the transfer of data to and from the billing system and manages meter reading.

  •  Client and Server software
  •  Server software runs on a computer in the utility billing office and handles all data to and from the billing system
  •  Client software runs on a mobile laptop and handles the incoming meter readings and data logging data
  •  AMRSS server software is the liaison between the laptop software and billing system.
  •  Imports the billing output file containing customer and meter data
  •  Hosts the route once imported for the client (mobile) software to retrieve
  •  Accepts the meter readings from the client software after meter reading has taken place
  •  Generates reports for analysis
  •  Exports the meter reading data for the billing system to retrieve and process for billing