RMA Replacement Policy

Warranty Submission Process

1) Please obtain an RG3 Meter Company RMA form by fax at (903) 753-5678, email at orders@rg3meter.com, or click on the RMA Form Icon above, to download the fill-able form.

​ 2) Fill out the form in it’s entirety and enclose the completed RMA form in a properly sealed protective covering to ensure it is legible and complete upon arrival. Include completed RMA form with product subject to warranty and ship product as described in the shipping procedures below.

Shipping Instructions: All Products must be secured to prevent in-transit damage. Cardboard dividers must be used between all returned Product to prevent damage to material. If Product is in sufficient quantity or size to palletize, only 33″ x 44″ shipping pallets or 40″ x 48″ standard shipping pallets are to be used. Material must not exceed the outside perimeter of pallet used by more than 1 inch. All pallets must be stretch-wrapped a minimum of two (2) times. Manufacturer is not responsible for damage during transit.​

No Product will be accepted for return or warranty if it is physically damaged UPON ARRIVAL at our facility.

 ​3) Once the product subject to warranty is received, a RMA sales order will be entered into our system as a no charge purchase. You will be emailed or faxed a copy of this RMA sales order and that RMA sales order number will be your RMA number. You can track the progress of your RMA by referencing that number.

​ 4) The product will be inspected / tested. After inspection we will then be able to confirm that the product is under warranty and will take action to replace or repair the product. If the product does not fall under warranty guidelines you will be informed by email of why the product is not under warranty prior to the product being returned. If the product is under warranty then the RMA will be adjusted to the action taken.

5) You will receive your product back with the adjusted packing slip and you will be emailed or mailed a no charge invoice.

Please remember that we can only process the RMA once we have received the product for inspection and all paperwork is included and filled out completely.

Submit an RMA form for processing RG3 products only.

  • •List all contact names, numbers, address and email for the owner of the returns.
  • •List all items being returned and serial number for each returned item.
  • •Make sure that all returns are packed properly, as to not be damaged in shipping.
  • •If more line items are needed, please attach additional forms.
  • •A 25% restocking fee may apply to all items being returned for credit.
  • •To download or print an RG3 Warranty Form please click icon to the side.