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The Tesla 4 TR – AMR/AMI Register is a solid-state encoder with no mechanical numerical wheels.  It is equipped with an integrated 1-Watt transceiver contained entirely inside the hermetically sealed enclosure .  Tesla 4 TR is ideal in harsh meter pit environments with its standard external antenna or optional extended pit lid mount antenna.  It is designed for use with all RG3 meters and to retrofit most other manufactures’ meters (Badger, Neptune, Sensus, Hersey, Master Meter, etc.).  Tesla 4 TR provides 2-way wireless connectivity with RG3 Automated Meter Reading Systems Software (AMRSS) AMR/AMI technology solutions which eliminates the need for physical access to the meter after installation.

The digital reading transmitted by Tesla 4 TR integrated 1-Watt transceiver is retrieved directly from the register’s internal magnetic sensor coupled to the wetted magnet through the meter body. Tesla 4’s magnetic sensors are always on and always watching.  This technology provides real time reads and eliminates interpretation of odometer wheels by means of LED, optical character recognition, or electromechanical contacts that could wear out.  The Tesla 4 TR solution provides superior long-term performance and the most accurate counting solution available.

Tesla 4 TR technology starts where the rest of the industry’s most advanced solutions top out.  Tesla 4 TR has full time 2-way communication with every feature and does not offer any low-end 1-way communication options.  All functions are accomplished through streamlined 2-way communication utilizing the FCC approved unlicensed 902-928 MHz band.  To ensure transmission success, Tesla 4 TR employs Cyclic Redundancy Checks (CRC), Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping Modulation, and Channel Coding which are the same technologies used by the US military to thwart signal jamming attempts by combatants.

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Transmission Power:  Tesla 4 TR transmits at a full 1-watt.  Unlike 1-way bubble up technologies that throw hundreds of thousands of wasted transmissions and large amounts of unnecessary energy into the atmosphere each month, Tesla 4’s extremely efficient 1 watt power is environmentally friendly and only transmits upon request.  Although Tesla 4 TR has 10 times the transmission power of other leading AMR/AMI technologies, the total monthly output of electromagnetic radiation is at least 10,000 times less than comparable technologies, or roughly 5% of the amount emitted by the average cell phone each month in the US.